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PROJECTbyH. "HELIX" Linen Check Cloth Perspective Spiral Trousers

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SS23 / Katharsis / 淨化


Habitually seeing the world with our naked eyes, we have never seen emotions. Buried in the depths, these emotions may at a certain moment, due to the stimulation of the external senses, begin to loosen, peel off, and surface. This process is like when seeing an affecting work of art, we, by feeling resonated by the perceptual energy of it, are purified.

PROJECTbyH. / 臺灣設計師品牌

著重於無性別版型、工藝美學和天然原料的選擇。2013 在紐約創立品牌,並於 2017 年回台灣設立工作室,拒絕使用任何人造材質,堅持純手工的台灣獨立設計師品牌,藉由服裝打開對話的連結,讓越來越多人在生活中更有意識地去做選擇與捨棄,對每個創作背後的本質與脈絡進行更深層的探索與思考。

Focusing on gender-neutral design, craftsmanship aesthetics , and natural materials, PROJECTbyH. was established in New York in 2013 and returned to Taiwan to set up a studio in 2017. The brand refuses to use any artificial materials and insists on being a pure handmade independent designer brand in Taiwan. Through clothing design, it aims to establish a connection and dialogue with people, allowing more and more people to make conscious choices and abandon certain things in their daily lives, and to explore and reflect on the essence and context behind each creation in a deeper way.

HELIX / 商品資訊

Linen Check Cloth

100% Linen

Un-dyed Cotton Threads