我們有提供國內 / 國際寄送服務。一般訂單,將於一至二個工作日完成寄貨,並將提供客戶貨運追蹤碼以利查詢。台灣本地訂單運費每筆100元新台幣,如需便利商店「店到店」寄送服務,請私訊我們官方社群帳號。我們對貨運延誤或海關延誤不承擔任何責任,以及交貨時所產生的任何稅金、海關相關費用與關稅等,均由客戶方負責。

We offer worldwide shipping. Orders are typically dispatched within 1-2 business days and include tracking numbers. Please note that we are not liable for shipping delays or customs delays. Any taxes, duties, fees, etc., incurred upon delivery are the responsibility of the customer.



每筆訂單,我們僅提供一次商品換貨服務。如您需要換貨,請於收到商品後 24 小時內提出申請,並於完成申請後一天內將商品寄給我們,並請在寄出後主動提供貨件追蹤單號給我們。

For each order, we offer a one-time exchange service. If you need to exchange a product, please submit your request within one day of receiving the item and return the product within one day after your request is submitted. We kindly ask you to inform us proactively and provide the tracking number once the return shipment has been initiated.




Our clothing items can be returned for a refund within 7 days of receiving the parcel. To be eligible for a refund, items must be returned in their original condition, neatly packed, and with the original tags still attached. Please note that all return shipping fees are the responsibility of the customer.


Anomi_e 代理 / 經銷品牌之特價 / 促銷商品,除非商品有瑕疵,我們將不提供退換貨服務。

All items from partial brands and those on sale are considered final unless they are defective.


有任何問題,歡迎 email 至 或來電 +886-2-2794-9960 洽詢。

Any other questions, please send email to store or call +886-2-2794-9960