PROJECTbyH. AW24 "In-Between" 24秋冬系列展示會 04.11 - 04.15

PROJECTbyH. AW24 "In-Between" 24秋冬系列展示會 04.11 - 04.15

PROJECTbyH. AW24 "In-Between" Collection 


跨過十週年里程碑,PROJECTbyH. 持續細微地去刻畫創作之中的內涵,延續上一季十週年系列的基礎架構,並思索在走到創作的下一個目的地前,中間的過程與轉換是什麼,而在那之間的情緒與感受,對於此時此刻,又有什麼樣的意義。

PROJECTbyH. AW24 “In-Between” 新一系列探索各種形式和層次的轉換,並深入探討人體與服裝「之間」的交互關係,思考不同天然素材所創造的空間感、堆疊感,運用麻、棉、羊毛等天然素材,結合不同的工藝技法、刷色工法,製作完成,期盼能用服裝記下,轉變當下的模樣。

PROJECTbyH. AW24 "In-Between" Collection

In the midst of moving forward, transitioning, and transforming, on the muddy path that blurs between states, we use clothing as a way of record.

Crossing the milestone of our tenth anniversary, PROJECTbyH. continues to delicately depict the essence of creation, building upon the foundation of the previous season's tenth anniversary series. We ponder what the in-between process and transition mean before reaching the next destination of creation, and what emotions and feelings exist in that space, and what significance they hold at this moment.

The new AW24 "In-Between" collection by PROJECTbyH. explores various forms and levels of transitions, delving into the interactive relationship between the human body and clothing. We contemplate the spatial and stacking sensations created by different natural materials, utilizing materials such as linen, cotton, and wool, along with various crafting techniques and dyeing methods. Through this, we hope to capture the transformation of the present moment through clothing.

 PROJECTbyH. 24秋冬系列展示會 
 AW24 "In-Between" Collection
 4.12 (ғʀɪ.) - 4.15 (ᴍᴏɴ.)


 ▋公眾展覽日:04.12 - 04.15
 ▋時間:13:00 - 21:00
 ▋地點:Anomi_e Gallery Space
 ▋地址:台北市內湖區大湖山莊街 91-1 號



Anomi_e Gallery Space
台北市內湖區大湖山莊 91-1 號
週三至週日 13:00 - 21:00
IG: @ae_anomi_e

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