PROJECTbyH. "STAY HOME" Archive Comfy Pack

NT$ 3,500.00 NT$ 4,500.00

The Stay-At-Home Packs 居家安心裝


既然現在鼓勵大家少出門多待在家裡防疫與休息,我們挑選出PORJECTbyH. 過去一些商品來平價販售,讓大家舒適且放鬆地在家休息。


It’s been a tough time to the world and also very difficult for small businesses and creative individuals like is to survive. We simply don’t want to be passive and give up on working and making the world the better place.

Since it’s now a good time to just stay home, be safe and get healthy, we want to put together a few archive pieces from PROJECTbyH. and make it into a stay home comfy pack for very reasonable price.

We’ve selected our archive piece that would be ideal for you to wear, to relax, and to feel peace at home.

Pack 1

3 Pieces Cold-dyed set

Cotton Jersey

XS - L

Pack 2

2 Pieces set

Cotton Cashmere Knit / Cotton Jersey

S - L