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PROJECTbH. "NAIDAR" Washed Cotton Cropped Wide Trousers

NT$ 9,900.00
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- Curved patterning front to back

- Two side pockets and one back pocket

- Elastic waistband and drawstring for extra comfort

- Signature h pattern back seam

- Fit true to size

- Eco wash: A pre-washed treatment done by soaking the garment with recycled coffee ground & tea leafs. This treatment will possibly create a  brownish tone to the garment, therefore giving it a vintage feel.

- 由前延伸至後的圓弧剪接線設計
- 側邊雙口袋與單一後口袋
- 鬆緊帶腰頭與可調節式抽繩
- h字樣版型後縫線
- 尺寸合身,建議平時穿著的尺碼
- Eco wash: 整件衣服完成後浸泡至使用過的咖啡渣與茶葉的處理方式,這個過程會使布料產生淡淡的仿舊復古色調

Japanese Washed Cotton

100% Cotton


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